Thursday, 20 January 2011

Identity Crisis

*Note the writer does not fully believe in the topics of Astrology. This piece is just to clear up a few misconceptions of the news.*

If you haven't heard, last week something has happened. For all you horoscope followers, you already know. To everyone else this might shock you. The news is that your astrological Sun Sign could have changed! Scary isn't it? Are you going through an identity crisis? Don't worry, you don't have to.

Let's take a step back. You should be asking, why would my Sun Sign change? What has changed in order for my sign to change? The brief and simple answer is that there was another constellation which has prominence. But the answer is slightly more complex than you think.

As you all know the Earth has poles (Santa lives in the North Pole). There are 2 poles in actuality. There is the true magnetic north pole and the absolute positional north pole (inhabited by St. Nicholas). The magnetic North was determined to be in Ellesmere Island in 2005, progressing towards Russia 65 kilometres per year. Thus, it is still in Canada's great white north! Anyways, because of these poles, we can think of the Earth as a top, but slightly on an angle. This causes another circular motion that we do not usually think of for the Earth (besides it's daily rotation, and annual revolution around the Sun). This tilt cause our position relative to the Sun to change over the last 3000 years, when the original 12 Sun Signs were "read" in the sky. Since then another constellation, Ophiucus, has been spotted in the sky and was deemed important enough to become another Sun Sign.

So, does this change your horoscope? Not really. There are claims that this new Sun Sign will only "affect" those born in 2009 and onwards. Thus, if you are able to read this the same year of the posting, then you are the same sign as before.

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