Thursday, 5 February 2009

Great New Heights

Hello Reader,
As promised, this post will be about the controversial experiment that will be performed this summer by CERN. It has been delayed due to maitenance. It was originally supposed to occur in October 2008.

CERN (which is European Organization of Nuclear Research) is undertaking the project that will not only blow away the scientific community but may also suck us all... into a dark abyss. The have built the worlds largest particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider.

Your probably thinking "So what? A particle accelerator can't do much. I mean, it's in the name. It accelerates particles."

Yes it does accelerate particles, but think about this, How fast are these particles actually going?

The answer is not 100% known, but the ball park rang is from 90% -98% of the speed of light. The particles (proton and lead ion) will travel the 27 km ring gaining speed, doing laps (bet you couldn't do that) and gaining speed. When they have reached this maximum speed, the physicists will send these beams of particle into each other. These will recreate the conditions of the Big Bang.

Now here is the contriversial part of this experiment. There are 2 reasons for this experiment. One as mentioned earlier, is to recreate the Big Bang, the other is to find a sub atomic particle (for those who only know the basics of an atom, its like an electron) called the Higgs-boson which physicists believe gives an atom it's mass.

Many are awaiting this day in fear because of the overly public warnings of SOME scientists who have done theorietical mathematics. They claim that there will be micro blackholes produced upon collision.

Now reader, don't fear too much. This is kind of a WHAT IF game now. If this experiment produces a/some micro blackhole(s), they shouldn't affect us or the planet. The math that has been done in regards to blackhole(s) show that they will be too tiny to suck us into it's gravitational feilds. Another "what if" that come to the conclusion of our destruction via blackhole(s) is elapsed time. If the blackhole stablises in 1 second (it may seem like a little time, but in particle physics, it's a longer than you think) then we will be sucked into the forever black abyss.

Extrapolating the consequences of this experiment, the religious community obviously dissapproves. The recreation of the Big Bang will disprove God's existance once and for all because the ideal "God made everything" testimonial would be proven wrong.

How do i feel about all this? a few idea's come to mind. I am excited, finding the Higgs-boson would be a great discovery giving rise to the Nobel Prize to CERN and it's team of researchers. I feel indifferent if I die from this experiment.

*Warning Paranormal thought: If you do not believe in extraterrestrial beings disregard the next paragraph*

If other civilizations have done this experiment, it may give light to why we have not been "contacted". Any advanced lifeforms would have probably done this experiment or a similar one in which a blackhole has engulfed us.

And I would not feel any different about death because it is out of my hands. I couldn't prevent it, so I am not worried.

Readers, please comment on this topic if you wish. All feed back would be great. I want to know how you feel about this topic. Also, I would like to know if I should do special topics once in a while. Have a good Day :D