Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thanks for the Influence

Hello Reader,

This issue is about Music. But not just music, but how music influences us on a day to day basis. It happens. Everything "pop culture" influences us, so plug in your headphones and read this issue!

For those who don't know me, I am a huge music fanatic. Well actually,  I consider myself to like a certain genre, like most of us do.  EVERYONE is different. I mean you may have a few bands that you like in common with a friend, but not every single band that you like, (s)he will like too. 

So how does that last line pertain to our influences? For one, you may consider to restrict your conversations with this person depending on the feelings they have towards the opposing band. Music is often conversed between friends so this seem understandable.

I am guilty of this, some of you may be too. I listen to music while studying. I find that it helps lighten the atmosphere of the work area. Say for example that you need to study an exam/midterm/test. You are feeling stressed. Music can help destress you, if it is the right kind of music for you. By this I mean Classic music is not for everyone, and doesn't help everyone. If you know the genre that you prefer, then this is idealistic for you for studying. In Psychology, I learned that associating what is new with previous knowlegde helps with memory. So, if you get a song, that you played while studying, stuck in your head, you may associate the new knowledge with the song.

What about sports? Well, it seems that sports has made this a top priority... that is to play music. But this music usually has a faster beat to "pump" players up for the game. 

As I am writing this post I am enjoying the tunes of a newly purchased CD by New Found Glory.

Below is a link of my Psychology Professor who was featured on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet for his "Emoti-chair" which will allow deaf people to experience music.

Music has evolved throught the last century... let's hope it keeps it up.